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Wedding photo montage


    This is the most neglected task many wedding couple had put aside for when it comes to planning for their big day, and very often they leave it to the very last 1-3 months to complete this.
    Not that it is essential to have a wedding photo montage to show during the wedding dinner, but somehow the norms for Singapore wedding couples to show 1 or 2 wedding video or childhood photo montage is still presence and expected by many guests. After all, you want something to lighten up the mood of the guest during the dinner. Lacking this is like missing the fun, laughter and cries during your big day and it is always fun to watch and capture those moments that you might not even expected to have.


    So keep in mind these 3 things if you are planning to make your own wedding photo montage:
    Photos, a little time and lots of heart.


    Yes, you doesn’t need to have any technical knowledge to use the program. The program provided these days are pretty straight forward to use. Even if you have some challenges using the program to make those wedding video, you can always find those tutorial on YouTube.
    How convenience!


    Tips on making your own Wedding photo montage

    Pick a good photo resolution
    Use equal number photo of the bride and groom. You don’t want to end up showing more photos of the bride than the groom.
    Balance is the key!
    Limit yourself to use 1 or 2 photo transitions (Eg: Fade, slide or wipe). Otherwise, it will look dizzy and confusing.
    If you decide to emphasize on one particular photo, hold it for additional 2-4 seconds or zoom in to the main object to focus it.
    If you have a video or 2, you can add in to your photo montage for added wow and fun impression.
    Pick 40-50 photos for 3-4 mins song or 60-80 photos for 6-8 mins song.
    Look for a suitable songs to create different emotional in different chapter in the video (Romantic, fun or thrilling)
    If you are planning to make MV story video, add in some sound effect to create more emotions which is more realistic. Just google free sound effect to download it.
    Do a quality check and test out the video you make.


    If you really decide not to have any wedding photo montage, you should at least have one of the following:
    Wedding live band that you engage
    Stage performance- Sing or play a music instrument with your spouse
    Dance through the aisle during march in or at the small space allocated for performance.
    Actual day express highlight photo or video (Same day edit by your photographer or videographer that you engaged.)


    This will at least keep the guest amuse for the night.



    What should I show in my wedding photo montage?

    Here’re some ideas…

    Wedding proposal photo montage
    Childhood growing up photo montage
    How we met and courtship photo montage
    Pre-wedding behind the scene photo montage
    Different Chapter: Parents, baby, childhood growing up, courtship, friends, activities you love doing together to wedding proposal.

    MV story photo montage (Being creative and be your own wedding film director. Have a storyline, grab a friend and start shooting a combination of photo and music video.)




    Programs you can use to make a wedding photo montage

    Here I am recommending programs that I personally tried and feels that it is easiest to use!


    For Mac: imovie (Free)
    For Windows: Windows Movie Maker (Free)
    Youvivid (Paid)
    Smilebox (Free or paid to upgrade)


    My favourite program is Youvivid though it is the most costly program among the 4 programs I’m recommending. The cost for the video is from US$34.95 to US$84.95 per video. Needless to say, the video produce is a lot more professional than the other 4 programs and it is faster to create too, unless, you are really good and creative in using the FREE program.


    Don’t have the time and prefer to leave it to the professional instead?
    Read this then: Top 3 Photo and Animation wedding montage service in Singapore


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