Hi, I’m Jamie – Bride to Mum of this website. I live in the tiny red dot of Singapore. I’m happily married to my wonderful and supportive man in end of 2011 and soon after that, I found out that I’m pregnant just before moving in to our new love nest and we had our little princess in 2013.

During the transition from being a bride to mum, my roles and responsibilities added. I found myself juggling between my career, housework, my kid etc. It left me with lesser time to nurture my daughter, pampering and taking care of myself. This crazy routine schedule force me to sit down one day to pondered how I can chase after my aspiration based on my personal interest and at the same time have more time for myself.




In 2014, I quit my full time job as a marketing officer in a pharmaceutical company and plan to start a drop shipping business. But soon later, I realized that this is not my personal interest after all.  Following that, I realized my aspirations and my personal interest were taking photographs, designing and decorating thimgs. I love happy moments and I love exploring and embracing the life from being a Bride to Mum.

There are some challenges and hurdle I faced through the transition. But after all, I always found the answer and solutions towards them. So this is the reason why I started Bride to Mum website in hope to share advice, tips and ideas for all Bride and Mum.

I’m not an expert, just an ordinary mum being sincere in sharing my knowledge and what I have experience and went through to make your life easier and simpler. But do remember, I’m not saying that you should follow what I’ve shared or teach, but you can tweak the idea if needed in order to suits your lifestyle or needs.



I hope that my website can motivate and inspired you to embark your journey from a Happy Bride to a Happy Mum.


Once again, thank you for your time reading this and I hope to catch up with you soon.


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