Don’t forget that the Ang Pows (Red packets) collected might not be sufficiently enough to cover back your expenses after the wedding banquet. And in most cases, it is a better idea to buffer like 20% of each table loss to budget, so say like the table is $1,000, loss is $200 per table.

In short, if you did not budget and bear these in mind before spending it, your wedding expenses could easily exceed what you have been budgeted for. Always remember to spend wisely and not lavishly. A simple wedding celebration filled with all the love, fun and laughter with your family and friends are more than enough to make your wedding a joyous event. All the additional decorative items you hope for are just merely an extras fantasy (bonus) to have… and you don’t want to end up turning your wedding into your liability.

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Since I’ve been through my wedding event, I thought you should know a couples of saving tips before trying to save a couple of bucks here and there.


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