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    22-EASY-PEASY-WEDDING-POSES-TO-GET-YOU-STARTEDHave you wonder why some couples looks so good in their wedding album?


    Well, some photographer may be good with their camera but do you realized that the couples wedding poses will allow the photographer capture and brings out the one special moment, atmosphere and emotions even better.


    If you want to look your best but is a little nervous and shy to contemplate with the wedding poses how-tos.


    Don’t let these harness and fear factor takes away from you! Otherwise no matter how attractive you look on that day, any wrong pose could make you look stiff, awkward and distant. Contrastingly, with the right pose and angles, you could make yourself look more affectionate, slimmer and natural in the picture.


    … and yes after you read this article, you will realized that it is NOT that difficult!





    Get Started With These 20 EASY PEASY Wedding Poses!


    1. The Eskimo KissThe-Eskimo-Kiss

    Credit: Pixioo photography and Alvinadeline
    How? While holding each other hands or wrapping one another waist, press the tip of one’s nose against another. For a more intimate pose, both the bride and the groom can have their eyes close. For a candid pose, smile and gaze at each other eye.




    2. Sweetest Romance

    Sweetest MomentCredit: Alvinadeline and 2 of us

    How? The main focus is on the bride. The bride can either wrap around the groom’s neck or shoulder. While doing this, the bride can choose to look at the camera or away from the camera (Looking away from the camera looks more natural). Hello guys, your work is even easier! Just hug her and sniff next to her ear.





    3. The Playful Gownplayful gown

    Credit: Acapella Photography
    How? Hold each side of your dress while you do the swing.




    4. The Back Hugthe-back-hug

    Credit: Acapella Photography, Kent Wong Photography and Pixioo Photography
    How? The groom has to hug the bride from the back while the bride’s hand must hold the groom’s hand (90 degree bend, you get what I mean). While doing this, the bride has to smile and look at the ground for a more romantic look (It can capture your sexy lashes).




    5. Lover’s LiftI-carry-you-in-my-heart

    Credit: Amuse Photography, Pixioo Photography, 2 of Us and Kent Wong Photography
    How? A little more strength is required from the groom so be sure he can lift you up. The groom has to lift up the bride’s bottom while the bride can chose to do the eskimo kiss (See no.1) or smooch it (See No. 20). For a more romantic and intimate pose, only if the bride is wearing light clothing (not the heavy wedding gown), she can lift up one of her leg quickly in an angular pose when the groom lift her up.





    6. Keep Calm and Watch the SkyKeep Calm and watch the sky

    Credit: Alvinadeline, Pixioo Photography and Timeless Romance
    How? Facing in reverse side, lie down side by side and watch the sky.




    7. The Affectionate ShoulderThe-Affectionate-Shoulder

    Credit: Kent Wong, Mindy Tan and Acapella Photography
    The most important thing when the bride lay her head on the groom’s shoulder is to look down at the ground for a more affection and intimate scene. You can do this while holding each other hand or hugging to one another.





    8. The Wedding DanceThe-wedding-dance

    Credit: Pixioo Photography and Kent Wong Photography
    How? The couple to hold and rise up each other hand. While doing this, the bride use the other hand to hold one side of the wedding gown and do the swing as if she is dancing.





    9. Down the AisleDown-the-Aisle

    Credit: Kent Wong Photography, Daniel Beh Photography and Kent Wong Photography
    How? Hold each other hand and do the walk naturally. Avoid the common mistake of looking at the camera during the shooting. Look elsewhere together, looking at the same item otherwise it will look awkward. Alternatively, gaze at each other eyes for a more intimate look.





    10. Eyes On Me

    Credit: Daniel Beh Photography, 36 Frames Weddings, 2 of Us
    How? For a more lovely pose, press your forehead against another and gaze into each other eye.



    11. Hold Me Tight

    hold me tightCredit: Eggs Benedict Chan, Samuel Goh and Daniel Beh Photography
    How? The classic pose portraiture of all times, hold one another hand and smile in front of the camera. This pose required you to look at the camera.





    12. Come Closer to Me

    Come closer to meCredit: Kent Wong Photography and Acapella Photography.
    How? The groom has to hug you from the back and the bride has to turn her head and lean it close to the groom’s head. While doing this, the bride has to put his hand on the groom’s neck as if she is trying to pull the groom closer to her. For a more intimate look, the couple can close their eyes or look on the ground instead. 



    13. Love Levitation

    love levitationCredit: 2 Of Us and Timeless Romance
    How? Levitation shooting depends on the concept and skill of the photographer. Your photographer will guide you along the way as the concept of the shot varies. Sometimes it will require you to stand on the stools to do the jump to assist you to levitate higher but what you need to do is a lot of jumping.



    14. Mr & Mrs Back to Back

    Mr & Mrs Back to BackCredit: Moo Media
    How? While seating back to back on the ground, the couple can choose to laugh heartily for a candid pose, gaze at each other eyes for a lovely pose or look to the further side of the photographer for a more natural pose. You get the idea.




    15. One Tight Hug

    One Tight HugCredit: Moo Media, Lyrical Moments Photography and Eggs Benedict Chan
    How? Hug one another tightly by wrapping each other waist. The bride has to close the eyes and give a slight smile to further brings out the romantic scene shot.




    16. Perfect Dip with a Kiss

    Perfect Dip with a kissCredit: Confettipeektures, Acapella and Kent Wong Photograpahy.
    How? The groom is to support the bride’s lower back with both hands to do the dip. While doing this, the bride has to hold on to the groom’s arms or neck for support. For a perfect dip, practice, practice and practice!




    17. Power of Love

    Power of LoveCredit: Pixioo Photography and Timeless Romance
    How? This fun pose is taken from the character “Ryu” Street Fighter game (My all time-favorite childhood game). The groom has to pretend and do the back jump as though he got hit with the power from the bride. For a more dramatic and realistic Ryu pose, the bride has to do the half squat with one leg behind and straighten both the arms with the hand open like she is doing the “Energy Hand”.



    18. Princess Kiss

    Princess KissCredit: Eggs Benedict Chan, Pixioo Photography and Kent Wong Photography
    How? The groom to give a princess kiss on the bride’s forehead. The couple to close the eye when doing this shot, otherwise it may end up looking awkward.




    19. Sit Back and Relax

    sit back and relaxCredit: Moo Media, Kang Pictures and Alvinadeline
    Groom to be seated at the back supporting the bride when both are seated down. Try to sit at different height so the groom can be seen taller and more masculine. To try a different style, the bride can also lay down on the groom’s leg while keeping one of her leg in an angular angle. 



    20. Smooch It

    smooch itCredit: Pixioo Photography, Amuse Photography, Edmund Leong Motions & Stills and Mindy Tan.
    How? Groom to smooch the bride on the lips when holding her waist or chin. Close your eyes!




    21. The Joyful Star Jump

    The joyful star jumpCredit: Touch Studios, Amuse Photography and Kang Pictures
    Jump with your hand wide apart. You can do this while holding each other hand and for a more natural pose, look at each other instead of the camera.




    22. Look Back

    Look Back
    Credit: Kent Wong Photography, Kang Pictures, 2 of Us and Acapella Photography.
     2 ways of doing this. When holding each other hand, the bride can run in front, looking back at the groom and laugh heartily. Alternatively, run side by side and look back at the camera together.



    It’s not as difficult as you may have thought of! 


    Share this with your friends who are planning to to take their wedding photoshoot soon.
    They will thank you for this!


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