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    Looking for places to take photos in Singapore but no idea where the place is or need more ideas for inspirations?

    Here are the top list of stunning places in Singapore that I have compiled, sort and organized based on Singapore’s regions, the best scene or spot for photo taking. Yes, I know how it feels when time is restricted and you want to plan for a route that allows you to visit all the amazing places to take photos for your wedding photoshoot in a day.

    This is like a complete guide with Goggle map pin drop to getting you there around and to the best scene that you are looking for, you will never seen anything like this at all. Oppps, did I mentioned it can be a great handy guide for photographer too?


    NOTE: For BEST view, use your DESKTOP. 



    1. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

    Best Scene: The 5 bird nest structure pods at Coastal broadwalk: Eagle Pod, Kingfisher pod, Mudskipper pod, dragonfly pod and the Fantail pod.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 301 Neo Tiew Cres, 718925: Google Map
    Exact location: Download map here. Fantail pod: Google Map, Eagle pod: Google Map, Kingfisher pod: Google Map, Mudskipper pod: Google Map, Dragonfly pod: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/sbwr
    Photo credit: Simplifai and Glowing Iris Photography (Left to right).





    2. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

    Best Scene: Railway tracks, rusty houses, gates, pillars, building architecture
    Style: Travel themed, nostalgic, heritage, tradition, old school style and exotic.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 30 Keppel Rd, 089059: Google Map
    Website: www.ura.gov.sg/railcorridor/history.html
    Photo credit: Bryan Jean, Androids in Boots, Edmund Photo (Left to right).





    3. Tuas Lalang Fields

    Best Scene: Hidden gems of the lalang fields which is even better than Punggol jetty park.
    Style: Romantic, magical golden meadow, fairytale, sunset and clear blue sky.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: Tuas South Ave 5: Google Map and also near the end of Tuas south Ave 7: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Photo credit: Kent Wong Photo, Awesome Memories, Townske (Left to right).





    4. One Degree 15 Marina Club

    Popular Scene: Pool side terrace, the yacht at Marina and the dock, Sentosa cove
    Style: Sunset, Sea, Romantic, the Marina,
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, 098497: Google Map
    Website: www.one15marina.com
    Photo credit: Wefreeze.net, Antonchia and Avenue 8 (Left to right).





    5. Hort Park

    Best Scene: The spiral staircase at the visitor service center, hort lawn, floral walk, water garden, rooftop garden, bamboo labyrinth, fantasy garden, the swing, sculpture, the interior of Vineyard restaurant and buggy golf car.
    Style: Greenery, garden, park, sunset, nature, flowers.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 33 Hyderabad Rd, Singapore 119578: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/hortpark
    Photo credit: Feelmlove.blogspot.sg and Bokehlicious (Left to right).





    6. Labrador Nature Reserve

    Best Scene: Red beacon, at the beach, dragon teeth’s gate, machine gun post, inch quick firing cannon.
    Style: Heritage, colonial style architecture, park, greenery, flowers, sun, beach.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: Labrador Villa Road, 119187: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/labrador-nature-reserve
    Exact location: Red beacon: Google Map, Dragon Teeth’s Gate: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Brideofagentlegiant.wordpress, Dreamz Coffee, Wedding Moments Photoblog, Dolce 2 Dolce and Solitaire Wedding (Left to right).





    7. Sentosa

    Best Scene: Palawan beach, the Merlion, resort world, universal studio, S.E.A aquarium and many more.
    Style: Beach, sunset, sand and sea, quirky, flower, garden.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: Sentosa Island, Singapore 099981 Google Map
    Website: www.sentosa.com.sg
    Exact location: Download the map here. Palawan Beach: Google Map, the Merlion: Google Map, Universal studio: Google Map, S.E.A aquarium: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Her World Bride June, The Louvre Bridal, Kent Wong Photo, Gerzworld (Left to right).





    8. Raffles Marina

    Best Scene: Yatch, light house and dock.
    Style: Sunset, Sun, sand, sea, romantic
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 10 Tuas West Drive, Singapore 638404: Google Map
    Website: www.rafflesmarina.com.sg
    Photo Credit: Antonchia and Douglas Fun (Left to right).





    9. Sunset Way Railway Track

    Best Scene: Rusted railway tracks, wooden planks
    Style: Nostalgic, heritage, tradition, old school style
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 41 Sunset way, Singapore 597071: Google Map
    Website: www.thegreencorridor.org
    Tips: Park at Clementi street 12, Blk 101 and walk towards the railway track. It’s a little adventurous here so be extra caution when you climb up the muddy steep path towards the railway track. The railway track can look pretty scary the first time you look at it as there is a gaping hole in between the track, and if you look down, you will see a river. It’s a little challenging here for the ladies especially if you are afraid of height, so wear a comfy shoe instead, Alternatively, you can head down to Bukit Timah railway station or Malay Railway Bridge instead.
    Photo Credit: Glamphotography-ck.blogspot, The Feline Bridal, Clubsnap Snoweagle, Grbenji (Left to right).





    10. Kent Ridge Park

    Popular Scene: Lush greenery, sky
    Style: Lush greenery, fairytale, romantic
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: Vigilante Dr, 118176: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/kent-ridge-park
    Photo credit: All taken by Chris Chang





    11. Marina at Keppel Bay

    Best scene: The MArina, sunset, blue sky, he doc and yacht.
    Style: Lush greenery, fairytale, romantic
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, 098382: Google Map
    Website: www.marinakeppelbay.com
    Photo Credit: Antonchia, Eirik Tan and Bridestory (Left to right).





    12. Keppel Club

    Popular Scene: Berlayer Terrace overlooking the sea, enchanting romantic tent. Swimming pool pavilion tent, golf course and buggy ride.
    Style: Lush greenery, fairytale, romantic, garden, sunset, romantic, fairytale
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 10 Bukit Chermin Rd, 109918 Google Map
    Website: www.keppelclub.com.sg
    Photo Credit: Wedding Diary Blog, Antonchia, Vivianeyp Instagram(Left to right).




    Alkaff-Mansion wedding

    13. Alkaff Mansion

    Best Scene: Fountain, stand alone shelter, push cart and the mansion.
    Style: Sophisticated, Romantic, fairytale, garden, greenery, flower, colonial architecture, exquisite.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore 109178: Google Map
    Website: www.facebook.com/AlkaffMansion
    Photo credit: HerWorld, Kevin Tan Photography, Awesome Memories and Antonchia (Left to right).





    14. Portsdown road

    Best Scene: Tyre swings, garden swing, water tank, block 22 Lucknow and Colbar eating house.
    Style: Nature, old school colonial architecture, nostalgic, rustic, greenery, quirky.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: Portsdown road: Google Map
    Website: None but this may sum it up www.greysher.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/portsdown
    Exact location: Garden swing can be found at 4 working road: Google Map, and 12 working road: Google Map. “Blk 22 Lucknow” is located at 22 Whitchurch road: Google Map, Big water tank: Google Map, Colbar Eating House: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Under The Stars, Simlifai, Samuel Goh Photography (Left to right).


    15. Henderson Waves

    Best Scene: The creative twisted Henderson wave bridge.
    Style: Romantic, sophisticated, minimalist, architecture
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: Henderson Road, Southern Ridges, Bukit Merah, 159557: Google Map
    Website: www.yoursingapore.com
    Photo Credit: Cool Frame Photography, 10 Eyes Gallery, Kent Wong Photo (Left to right).





    16. Chinese & Japanese Garden – The red bridge

    Popular Scene: The white bridge next to Jurong lake, bamboo, the red bridge, the Koi fish pond, lattern, Japanese garden, bright red doors, gate house and pavilions.
    Style: Oriental, imperial architecture and landscaping, exotic, old school, nostalgic, quirky, heritage, sunset, garden, tranquillity, majestic.
    Region: SOUTH WEST
    Address: 1 Chinese Garden Road, Singapore 619795: Google Map

    Website: http://www.nhb.gov.sg/resources/virtual-exhibitions-and-tours/walking-through-heritage/chinese-garden
    Photo Credit: Moment Photography and Ferry Tjoe Photography (Left to right).



    17. Upper Pierce Reservoir Park

    Best Scene: Serenity of the reservoir especially during sunset. Greenery tree like pine tree lookalike adds a soft gentle touch to the photos.
    Style: Romantic, fairytale, sunset, greenery forest.
    Region: NORTH WEST
    Address: Old Upper Thomson Rd: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/upper-peirce-reservoir-park
    Photo Credit: Under the Stars and Kent Wong Photo (Left to right).




    little-guilin singapore wedding

    18. Little Guilin

    Popular Scene: The fantastic view of the tranquil lake and the towering rock cliffs that resemble the majestic backdrop of the large lake scenery of Guilin in China.
    Style: Greenery park, Sunset, Reservoir, Exquisite and Romantic urban chic
    Region: NORTH WEST
    Address: Next to Bukit Batok East Ave 5: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/bukit-batok-town-park
    Photo Credit: Dolce 2 Dolce, Thydowager and One Three One Four (Left to right).


    19. Bukit Timah Railway Tracks

    Popular Scene: The railway track and the railway station at the side, its rusty wall can be use as a backdrop too and the black bridge railway track over at Bukit Timah Road.
    Style: Nostalgic, old school travel themed, heritage, rusty feel, tradition, exotic and exquisite.
    Region: NORTH WEST
    Address: 1 Bukit Timah Railway Station, 599938: Google Map
    Website: None
    Tips: The black bridge railway track over at Bukit Timah Road is just 5 mins walking distance: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Her World Bride Sept 2014, We Made These.net and Chalk And Cheese Photography (Left to right).





    20. Bukit Timah Saddle Club, near Riders Cafe

    Popular Scene: The handsome horse, white fence, lush greenery, gently sloping hills and last but not least the signature bare tree.
    Style: Lush greenery, Fairytale, Romantic and exquisite.
    Region: NORTH WEST
    Address: 51 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286965: Google Map
    Website: www.btsc.org.sg
    Photo Credit: Gallerie CK, Alvinadeline com, Jonoandrina.wordpress (Left to right).





    21. Upper Seletar Reservoir

    Best Scene: The stand alone tree with the two benches, rocket tower for panoramic views of the water and greenery, the dock, park trails and greenery grass and clear blue sky!
    Style: Greenery, sunset, nature, reservoir, blue sky, romantic and fairytale.
    Region: NORTH WEST
    Next to Mandai road track 7: Google Map

    Website: www.pub.gov.sg
    Photo Credit: Kent Wong Photo and Justin Ng Photography (Left to right).






    Laselle School of Fine Arts wedding

    22. Laselle School of Fine Arts

    Popular Scene: The ergonomic architecture of the school with glass almost everywhere, lowercase café, lepak grass patch.
    Style: Quirky, geeky, arts, relax, casual, architecture of the building.
    Address: 1 McNally St, 187940: Google Map
    Website: www.lasalle.edu.sg
    Photo Credit: The Smart Local, jerichoisms.wordpress and quirky creatives (Left to right).





    23. The Arts house at old Parliament

    Popular Scene: The architecture of the building, pillars, chamber, gallery
    Style: Iconic colonial architecture, romantic, heritage, Artistic, contemporary and modern
    Address: 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429: Google Map
    Website: www.theartshouse.sg
    Tips: Indoor requires pre-clearance for photoshooting.
    Photo Credit: Ivan Tan Photography and Eirik Tan (Left to right).





    24. National Gallery Singapore

    Popular Scene: The architecture of the building, pillars, night lights, gallery, former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings and Link bridges in the museum’s interior.
    Style: Iconic colonial architecture, romantic, heritage, contemporary arts and modern
    Address: 1 Saint Andrew’s Road, #01-01, Singapore 178957: Google Map
    Website: www.nationalgallery.sg
    Photo Credit: Luv per Second and Lady Explorer (Left to right).





    25. National Museum of Singapore

    Best Scene: The modern white european style interior like pillar, staircase, roof top etc… Anywhere is a nice setting for photoshooting!
    Style: Romantic, iconic colonial architecture, fairytale, simple, contemporary, modern
    Address: 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897: Google Map
    Website: www.nationalmuseum.sg
    Photo Credit: Simplifai, Under The Stars and Daniel Ooi Photography (Left to right).





    26. Orchard Road

    Popular Scene: The architecture of ion especially with the night lights, Ion art at level 4, Ion Sky Level 56, the busy traffic light junction.
    Style: Street lights, city life, modern, urban chic, luxury fashion, exotic.
    Address: 2 Orchard Turn, 238801: Google Map
    Website: www.ionorchard.com/en
    Photo Credit: Chester Tan Photography and Me Gallery (Left to right).





    27. he Baba House Singapore

    Best Scene: The blue painted Baba house, interiors such as furnishing, household materials and decorative features, windows and doors.
    Style: ancestral home, Peranakan Style, traditional, heritage, old colonial-style shop houses.
    Address: 157 Neil Rd, 088883: Google Map
    Website: www.nus.edu.sg/cfa/museum/about.php
    Photo Credit: Ksana and Weekend Rover (Left to right).





    28. The Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes

    Popular Scene: The architecture of the church, bench, pillars, stained glass, door etc.
    Style: Romantic, fairytale, church’s architecture.
    Address: 50 Ophir Road, Singapore 188690: Google Map
    Website: www.lourdes.sg
    Photo Credit: All taken from Jadeseah.com





    29. Parkview Square at Bugis

    Popular Scene: A neglected place for photoshoot: The magnificent architecture of the office building; the most expensive office building in Singapore. The divine society wine bar at the lobby which has a 3 storey wine cellar that are served by female “angel” who actually fly up to the cellar to grab the bottle for you. The decorative ceiling, the art sculpture deco that are in granite, bronze and glass and the greenery plot of plants outside the office premises is a good place for photoshoot.
    Style: Exquisite, exotic, prestige, roman architecture building.
    Address: 600 North Bridge Rd, 188778 : Google Map
    Website: www.divinewinesingapore.com
    Photo Credit: Photography, Bernard Baskin, Keterry.tumblr and Flickr







    30. Emerald Hill

    Popular Scene: Shop houses along Emerald Hill and the exquisite European interior of Bar 5 at No. 5 Emerald Hill
    Style: Nostalgic, Quirky, tradition, old school colonial shophouses, exotic, exquisite, rusty feel,
    Address: 20 Emerald Hill Rd, 229302: Google Map
    Website: www.emerald-hill.com
    Photo Credit: A Little Moment, La Belle Counture and Kent Wong Photography (Left to right).





    31. The Fullerton Bay Hotel

    Best Scene: The stylish rooftop bar at Lantern with the scenic view and the Marina Bay Sands, The Clifford Pier, La Brasserie, the floating event pods and the landing point at the waterfront lounge, Hotel main entrance
    Style: Romantic, the Marina, sunset, urban chic, european interior, exotic, exquisite.
    Address: 80 Collyer Quay, 049326: Google Map
    Website: www.fullertonbayhotel.com
    Photo Credit: Mindy Tan, Antonchia, Thelouvrebridal, Framewerks.sg (Left to right).





    32. Thian Hock Keng Temple

    Best Scene: Architecture of the chinese temple, gold dragon mural, the oriental door, chinese stone lion and red latten.
    Style: Oriental vibes of the temple, traditional and exotic.
    Address: 158 Telok Ayer St, 068613: Google Map
    Website: www.thianhockkeng.com.sg
    Photo Credit: Marie Soh, Steve Ong Photographer and Jessicayusdi.blogspot (Left to right).





    33. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

    Best Scene: 5 levels architecture of the modern chinese temple
    Style: Oriental vibes of the temple, traditional and exotic.
    Address: 288 S Bridge Rd, 058840: Google Map
    Website: www.btrts.org.sg
    Photo Credit: The Lighted Pixels Blog, Multifolds Photography and The Smart Locals (Left to right).




    Chinatown Singapore-wedding

    34. Chinatown

    Popular Scene: Beside the lantern modern metropolis, oriental vibes of the Chinatown and trishaw rides. Also visit Chinatown Heritage Centre or the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum.
    Style: Oriental, traditional, exotic, old school, nostalgic, quirky, old-colonial style houses, heritage.
    Address: 288, South Bridge Road, Singapore 058840: Google Map
    Website: www.chinatown.sg
    Photo Credit: La Belle Couture, Skyy Woo Photography and clubsnap Antimatter (Left to right).





    35. Tiong Bahru estate

    Best Scene: Nostalgic, old school neighbourhood and shops, multi tier staircase at blk 18-28.
    Style: Casual, quirky, old school, greenery park, neighbourhood, rusty feel.
    Address: 22 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 165022: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Photo Credit: Glensin, Mindy Tan Photography and A Little Moment (Left to right).





    36. Books Actually

    Best Scene: Bookstore, storefront, retro deco arts and interior.
    Style: Retro, geeky, nostalgic and quirky.
    Address: 9 Yong Siak St, 168645: Google Map
    Website: www.booksactually.com
    Photo Credit: Evonnz and Books Actually (Left to right).





    37. Raffles Hotel

    Best Scene: The architecture of the hotel, fountain, pillars, windows, the 3 staircases that are side by side.
    Style: Luxury, romantic, fairytale, charming, old colonial style architecture and exquisite
    Address: 1 Beach Rd, 189673: Google Map
    Website: www.raffles.com/singapore
    Photo Credit: Aweso Mememories and Jerome Goh Wedding (Left to right).





    38. Singapore Botanic Gardens

    Best Scene: The majestic wrought-iron tanglin gate, bandstand, the swing, rainforest, Eco-garden and eco-lake, swan lake; heritage trees and so much more
    Style: Heritage, nature, greenery, garden, park, flowers, romantic, shelter architecture
    Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569: Google Map

    Website: www.sbg.org.sg
    Exact location: Download the Map: Singapore Botanic Garden Map
    Tanglin gate: Google Map, Bandstand: Google Map, Curtain of roots: Google Map, Vanda Miss Joaquim near to bandstand: Google Map, Swing at Frangipani Grove: Google Map, The 4 mini pond: Google Map, The big tree trunk: Google Map, Mini waterfall: Google Map, Shelter at Swan lake: Google Map, Cool House: Google Map, Symphony stage: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Shintari.com, 39 East Photography, Gogopixilibrary, Hoppipolla, Chrischang Photography, The Little Brush, Simply Benji (Left to Right).





    39. The Pinnacle at Duxton

    Popular Scene: Scenic views of the city from the 50th storey sky bridge.
    Style: Romantic, city landscape, Greenery park, exquisite, urban chic
    Address: 1 Cantonment Road, Singapore 08000: Google Map
    Website: www.pinnacleduxton.com.sg
    Photo Credit: Luv per Second and Life-bite.blogspot.sg (Left to Right).





    40. Telok Blangah Hill Park

    Best Scene: Terrace garden features 360 degree Singapore view.
    Style: Sunset, Nature, greenery, garden, park, flowers, romantic.
    10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore 109178: Google Map

    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/telok-blangah-hill-park
    Tips: It’s 5 min drive away from Alkaff Mansion, so if you are holding your wedding there, you can definitely pop by to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Oh yes, it is very close to 1.3km southern ridges Forest Walk, Henderson Waves so remember to visit there too.
    Photo Credit: Under the Stars and William Cho (Left to Right).





    41. MacRitchie Reservoir

    Best Scene: Dock with boat and shelter
    Style: Sunset, nature, reservoir, blue sky.
    Address: Along Lornie road: Google Map
    Website: www.pub.gov.sg
    Exact location: Shelter: Google Map, The dock: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Chapoyeverafter, Chalk and Cheese Photography, Chapoyeverfter, William Cho and Visualgraphy (Left to Right).





    42. The Singapore River

    Best Scene: Black street lamp, boat quay, clarke quay rooftop and fountain during night, Anderson bridge, Merlion, Marina bay sand views, night lights,
    Style: Night lights, city landscape, rivers, tradition, heritage.
    Address: Along Singapore River: Google Map
    Website: www.singapore-river.com
    Exact location: Colourful architecture of Redot gallery: Google Map, Clarke Quay rooftop and fountain: Google Map, Anderson bridge: Google Map, Black street lamp and night lights of Clarke Quay: Google Map, Merlion: Google Map, along Jubilee Bridge next to Merlion for a Esplanade and MBS view photoshoot: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Digital Light Images, Raymond Phang, Lush Folio, Antonchia, Stories.my, Melvin gilbert (Left to Right).





    43. Fort Canning

    Best Scene: Gothic gate, cupolas, fort gate, sally port, architecture of fort canning centre and hotel fort canning and fort canning spiral under tunnel.
    Style: Nostalgic, romantic, fairytale, bricks and greenery backdrops
    Address: River Valley Road, Singapore 179037: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/fort-canning-park
    Exact location: Gothic Gate: Google Map, Cupolas: Google Map, Fort gate: Google Map, Sally port: Google Map, architecture of fort canning centre: Google Map and architecture of Hotel Fort canning: Google Map, fort canning spiral under tunnel: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Kent Wong Photo, Luv Per Second, Avenue 8, Pbase and Lyrical Moments Photography (Left to Right).




    Peranakan-Museum-singapore wedding

    44. Peranakan Museum

    Popular Scene: The architectural of the building, the sculpture outside, lantern, door, staircase butterfly backdrop and fence.
    Style: Peranakan art, traditional, nostalgic, heritage, old building colonial style, exotic and exquisite
    Address: 39 Armenian Street, Singapore 179941: Goggle Map
    Website: www.peranakanmuseum.sg
    Photo Credit: Ylesiya.com and Androids in Boots (Left to Right)







    45. Esplanade

    Popular Scene: The concourse between the Esplanade, roof terrace at level 4 for a scenic view of Marina Bay sands, outdoor theatre facing the Marina Bay.
    Style: Romantic, magnificent city skyline, sunset, night lights, exotic, exquisite, arts, gallery rooftop garden, urban chic, architecture
    Address: 1 Esplanade Dr, 038981: Google Map
    Website: www.esplanade.com
    Photo Credit: All taken by Kent Wong Photography





    46. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

    Best Scene: The pool, city view landscape, night lights city view, laser light, fireworks during NDP.
    Style: Romantic, City landscape, sunset, laser light, the bars
    Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956: Google Map
    Website: www.marinabaysands.com
    Photo Credit: Mono Pictura, Alvin Fauzie, stories.my and Rock Paper Scissors Photography (Left to Right).





    47. The Shopper at Marina Bay Sands

    Best Scene: Escalator, the little river inside the mall, the boat ride, outside Louis Vuitton next to the marina, casino, glass roof, water fountain infront of Swaroski, outside art science museum.
    Style: Architecture, romantic, exotic, romantic and sophisticated
    Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956, Google Map
    Website: www.marina-bay.sg
    Exact location: Louis Vuitton: Goggle Map, Art science museum: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Avenue 8, Ericeng.shutterchance, Marina Bay Sands, Lyrical Moments and the Louvre Bridal (Left to Right).





    48. Helix Bridge

    Best Scene: The structure of the spiral helix bridge which is made of fritted-glass, perforated steel mesh and LED lights.
    Style: night lights, architecture, the marina, romantic, sophisticated
    Address: Next to Bayfront Avenue: Google Map
    Website: www.marina-bay.sg
    Tips: Best taken during night when the LED lights are switch on.
    Photo Credit: Uwang, gianandfidji, and Kenn Foo and Earvin Paul (Left to Right).





    49. Gardens by the Bay

    Best Scene: Supertree grove, flower dome, outside pollen flower dome, Cloud forest, the meadow green lawn, dragonfly and kingfisher lakes
    Style: Romantic, fairytale, avater, greenery, flower and garden, waterfall
    Address: 18 Marina Gardens Diver, Singapore 018953: Google Map
    Website: www.gardensbythebay.com.sg
    Exact location: Supertree grove: Google Map, flower dome: Google Map, outside pollen flower dome: Google Map, Cloud forest: Google Map, dragonfly: Google Map and kingfisher lakes: Google Map, the meadow green lawn: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Simplifai, French Wedding, Cheetah Platt, Simplifai, Volans Couture and The Louvre Bridal (Left to Right).





    50. Marina Barrage

    Best Scene: Cityscape view of the Singapore flyer and Marina bay Sands, water fountain, the spiral green roof.
    Style: City landscape, greenery grass lawn, blue sky, romantic.
    Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951: Google Map
    Website: www.pub.gov.sg
    Exact location: Best time for photo shooting is after 5pm for day, sunset and night cityscape light shooting.
    Photo Credit: Bamibom.blogspot, Eeyern photography, Axioo and Antonchia (Left to Right).





    51. Singapore Flyers

    Best Scene: The Singapore flyer, the capsule and within the premises.
    Style: Romantic, architecture, city landscape, greenery, blue sky, night lights
    Address: 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803: Google Map
    Website: www.singaporeflyer.com
    Photo Credit: The Aisle Bridal, Feline Bridal, Your Singapore, 10 Eyes Gallery, Caramel Company (Left to Right)





    52. Dempsey Hill

    Best Scene: Cafes like Ben & Jerry, the ranch home, the green door and Redsea Gallery or Linda Gallary.
    Style: Quirky, funky, old school, nostalgic, rustic
    Address: Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670: Google Map
    Website: www.dempseyhill.com
    Exact location: Ben & Jerry Dempsey: Google Map, The Ranch Home: Google Map, The Green Door: Google Map, Redsea Gallery: Google Map, Linda Gallary: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Andri Tei Photography and carlinateteris (Left to Right).





    53. Raffles Place

    Popular Scene: The coloured glass shelter just outside the Raffles Place MRT station, the greenery patch between the high rise office building
    Style: urban chic, cosmopolitan city landscape, high rise building, greenery park, the
    Address: 30 Raffles Place, Singapore 048622: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Photo Credit: Cream Pictures


    54. Shenton Way

    Popular Scene: The main road between the high rise office buildings.
    Style: Urban chic, greenery, city landscape, high rise building
    Address: 2 Shenton Way, Singapore 068804: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Photo Credit: Raymond Phang and Simplifai (Left to Right).





    55. Chijmes

    Best Scene: Chimjes hall and the door at the entrance , Chimjes interiors’ stained glass and roof, the architecture of the spiral staircase, windows, floor tiles, pillars gate and at the nearby bars.
    Style: Nostalgic, heritage, romantic, fairytale, old building colonial style, architecture.
    Address: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore187996: Google Map
    Website: www.chijmes.com.sg
    Photo Credit: Tiny Dot Photography and Kent Wong Photo (Left to Right).





    56. 1 Altitude

    Popular Scene: The tallest point of Singapore at the viewing gallery, Panoramic view 360 degree Singapore’s cityscape.
    Style: City landscape, Romantic, architecture, sunset, exquisite, urban chic
    Address: 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616: Google Map
    Website: www.1-altitude.com
    Photo Credit: Redco photography and Lam Wedding Photography (Left to Right)





    57. Red Dot Design Museum

    Popular Scene: Red House architecture building, windows, red letter box
    Style: Nostalgic, Exotic, Arts, quirky
    Address: 28 Maxwell Rd, 069120: Google Map
    Website: www.museum.red-dot.sg
    Photo Credit: Luv per second, Velveteencockroach, Pinterest (Left to Right).





    58. Ann Siang Hill

    Popular Scene: Traditional shophouse, café setting.
    Style: traditional, vintage, quirky, nostalgic, old building colonial style, architecture
    Address: 1 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069784: Google Map
    Website: None
    Photo Credit: Melvin Ho, Juxtapose pix and Melvin Gilbert (Left to right).





    59. Armenian Church

    Popular Scene: The architecture of the church, bench, pillars, door etc.
    Style: Nostalgic, heritage, romantic, fairytale, old building colonial style, architecture.
    Address: 60 Hill Street, Singapore 179366: Google Map
    Website: armeniansinasia.org
    Photo Credit: Dream Coffee, Elikon Picture and Desmond Sean Teo (Left to right).







    punggol-jetty park-wedding

    60. Punggol Jetty Park

    Popular Scene: Lalang field, beach, sea, sunset, nature, rocks, the swing at the children playground, the big fish pond, the large concrete staircase, the wooden foot path next to the seaside, the black panoramic upper deck for sea viewing near the jetty.
    Style: Nature, romantic, greenery lalang field, sunset and seaside
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: 3 Punggol Point Road, Singapore 828694: Google Map
    Website: none
    Photo Credit: 2 of Us, Antonchia, Tinydot Photography and Profiliociouscity.wordpress.com (Left to Right)

    Gallop-Stables-Punggol wedding

    61. Gallop Stables Punggol

    Popular Scene: Beautiful horse, ranch, white fench, small house next to carpark gantry, pine tree, wooden chair and tent which you can find anywhere there.
    Style: Rusty feel, greenery field, sunset, exotic, exquisite, romantic and fairytale
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: 900 Punggol Road, 829168: Google Map
    Website: www.gallopstable.com
    Tips: Please contact Gallop Stables for wedding photoshoot appointment.
    Photo Credit: Katty Tan, Androids in Boots, Awesome Memories and Lighted Pixels (Left to right).





    62. Punggol Waterway Park- West to East

    Popular Scene: The scenic views of the waterways or flora and fauna, sunset, sea view and greenery. The different bridges that provides different views for photo shooting are jewel bridge, sunrise bridge and kelong bridge.
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: Sentul Crescent Road, 822313: Google Map
    Website: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/punggol-waterway-park
    Exact Location: Sunrise bridge: Google Map, Kelong Bridge: Google Map, Jewel bridge: Google Map, Adventure bridge: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Thomson Wedding Collection, La Belle Couture, Erwin Soo flickr and Wedding Moments Photoblog (Left to right).





    63. Kombi Rocks

    Popular Scene: Vintage BMW van, retro café interior with vintage clocks, Vespa, 1960s Beetles poster, guitars etc
    Style: Vintage, hipster, retro, quirky, nostalgic, exquisite
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: 66 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 545568: Google Map
    Website: www.kombirocks.com
    Photo Credit: Under The Stars, lollyrouge livejournal and blog.fiit.sg (Left to right).





    64. Ang Mo Kio Dragon Playground

    Best Scene: The bright mandarin orange dragon playground.
    Style: Nostalgia, retro, old School, quirky
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: Blk 570, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 560570: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Photo credit: The Louvre Bridal





    65. Seletar Airbase

    Popular Scene: Aircraft, blue container shot, airport runway, blue sky, sunset and shadow.
    Style: Travel themed, quirky, sunset and romantic.
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: 556 West Camp Road, 797794: Google Map
    Website: www.seletarairport.com
    Tips: Permit applies if you wish to enter Seletar Airbase’s premises www.seletarairport.com/filming-photography.html. Alternatively, Fokker Services Asia (the blue container) is a good choice too: Google Map OR head down at the end of Seletar Aerospace View’s road: Google Map near the Seletar Airport Control Tower for aircraft “behind the gates” photoshoot.
    Photo Credit: Renatus, Fotomagik.net, The Wedding Vow and Lomomilo (Left to right).





    66. Seletar North Link

    Popular Scene: Serenity lake between the two forest
    Style: Romantic, fairytale, sunset, greenery forest.
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: 58 Seletar North Link, Singapore 797613: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Tips: Also just 1 min away drive, head down to the nearby forest for some photo shooting: Google Map
    Photo Credit: All taken by Androids in Boots.





    67. Jubilee Coffee House & Bar

    Best Scene: Village home like interior, scooters and retro car, living room setting, mini garden.
    Style: Retro, nostalgic, quirky, greenery mini garden, old school interior.
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: 580 Netheravon Rd, 508516: Google Map
    Website: www.jubileecoffeehouse.com
    Photo Credit: Let There Be Light Photography, Ordinary Patrons and Instagram Gailovecats (Left to right).





    68. Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa

    Best Scene: Ferry boat, jetty, bicycle rental shop, seaside and rocks, old school shops, kampong style hut, house no.1, chek jawa, greenery, sun and the sea.
    Style: Nostalgic, vintage, heritage, tradition, old school or retro
    Region: NORTH EAST
    Address: Pulau Ubin Island
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/pulau-ubin-and-chek-jawa
    Exact location: Download the map here. Jetty: Google Map, bicycle rental shop: Google Map, Pekan Quarry view: Goggle Map, Chek Jawa jetty: Google Map, House No.1: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Blessed-i Photography, Bloc Memoire Photography, Chris Ling (Left to right).






    69. Pasir Ris Park

    Popular Scene: Spider web playground, the park, swings, bench near seaside, the kayak park along side at Adventure paddlers WaterCross can be a nice background too.
    Style: Sea, sunshine, sand, casual, fun, relax, greenery park.
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 133 Pasir Ris Rd, 519149, Pasir Ris Road Carpark E(Playground): Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/pasir-ris-park
    Tips: Head down to nearby Gallop stable at Pasir Ris for some horse and pony shots. You can park at Paris Park carpark C www.gallopstable.com/rides-feeding
    Photo Credit: Natsuki Photography, ??, Awesome Memories, Lifeintheweehours.com (Left to right).





    70. Little India

    Best Scene: Colourful heritage penthouse, the fruit stall, flower garlands stall.
    Style: Heritage, traditional, quirky, exotic, nostalgic, old school
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: Starts at 37 Kerbau Road: Google Map
    Website: www.littleindia.com.sg
    Tips: Colourful penthouse is located at little india 37 Kerbau Road (Residence of Tan Teng Niah)
    Photo Credit: Emolight Photography, Jerome Goh Wedding and Rock Paper Scissors Photography (Left to right).





    71. Haji Lane

    Best Scene: Colourful Walls murals and graffiti, Piedra Negra restaurant decoration and lane outside blu jazz café, shophouse of crafty, cafes or homegrown clothing line like CAD café or Wonderland café.
    Style: Quirky, exotic, nostalgic, old school, arty farty, retro, vintage
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Exact location: Blu Jazz Café: Google Map , Piedra Negra restaurant: Google Map, CAD Café: Google Map and Wonderland Café: Google Map
    Photo Credit: The Louvre Bridal, Luv Per Second, La Belle Couture Bridal, Absolutehonesty.wordpress (Left to right).





    72. Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

    Best Scene: Iconic dragon playground made with terrazzo tiles and spiral body.
    Style: Nostalgia, retro, old School, quirky, heritage
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: Blk 28, Toa Payoh Lorong 6, Singapore 310028: Google Map
    Photo Credit: Esppresso Frame and Mela De Gypsie (Left to right).





    73. Changi Airport

    Best Scene: Travelator outside change airport MRT, baggage trolley, reflective floor tiles, T3 greenwall, Crowne plaza lobby’s wall, waterfall or kinetic teardrop rain at T1.
    Style: Travel theme, urban chic, exquisite,
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 918146 : Google Map
    Website: www.changiairport.com
    Tips: Changi Airport T3 is recommended as it is bigger than T1 & T2 and has more interesting things for photoshoot. Go for weekday photoshoot as it is less crowded than weekend.
    Photo Credit: Chris Chang, Loveendurethall.wordpress, Wansheng Feldberyl, Marcus Wong and La-Belle Couture Wedding (Left to right).





    74. The Coastal Settlement

    Best Scene: Village home like interior, garden swing at the Al-Fresco dining, the modern-oriental style bar counter, vintage collections of scooters, chairs, typewriter etc.
    Style: Greenery, vintage, oriental, nostalgic, exquisite, retro, quirky.
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529: Google Map
    Website: www.thecoastalsettlement.com
    Photo Credit: Dayre Me Eliztay, Leslie Photography, Antonchia, The Louvre Bridal (Left to right).





    75. Wheeler’s yard

    Best Scene: The bicycle atelier setting, the high ceiling, Wheeler’s yard signature blue gate, bicycle and accessories.
    Style: Rusty feel, vintage, hipster, nostalgic, exquisite, retro, quirky, industrial workshop style
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781: Google Map
    Website: www.wheelersyard.com
    Photo Credit: The Smart Local, The Singapore Bride and Bloc Memoire (Left to right).





    76. Joo Chiat

    Popular Scene: The back alleys with the spiral stairs, the colourful houses. The plotted plants and rusty wall makes a nostalgic neighbourhood style.
    Style: Nostalgic, old school houses, rusty feel
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 9 Koon Seng Road: Google Map
    Website: NA
    Photo Credit: Sorella Muse and Androids in Boots (Left to right).





    77. East Coast Park (near Singapore Yacht Club)

    Popular Scene: Clear blue sky and the tranquillity of the sea view.
    Style: Romantic, Fairytale, sun, sand, sea, resorts
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: East Coast Park Service Rd, 449876: Google Map
    Website: www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/east-coast-park
    Photo Credit: La Belle Counture, Kent Wong Photography, Flair Folio Photography and Lighted Pixels Photography (Left to right).




    Children-Little-Museum wedding

    78. Children Little Museum at Arab Street

    Popular Scene: The vintage toys shelf setting, retro courtyard with an old Vespa motorbike and flaming red plastic dining bench, old school drinks stall setting, traditional barber’s station setting.
    Style: Old School, Nostalgic, traditional, quirky, exotic, rusty feel.
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 42 Bussorah St, Singapore 199460: Google Map
    Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Children-Little-Museum/163848846980465
    Photo Credit: La Belle Couture Wedding Photography and Douglas Fun (Left to right).




    National Stadium at Singapore Sport Hub-wedding

    79. National Stadium at Singapore Sport Hub

    Popular Scene: Green soccer field, running track, the red white seats, stadium lights and the grandeur architecture of the stadium roof.
    Style: Sporty, greenery field, sunset, exquisite and exotic stadium architecture
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 1 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397269: Google Map
    Website: www.sportshub.com.sg/Venues/Pages/national-stadium-wedding-photography.aspx
    Tips: Book the venue 10 days prior to your photoshoot. Pair up with a causal sport wear, shoes or bring along the soccer ball as a props!
    Photo Credit: 2 of Us and The Smart Local (Left to right).





    80. Changi Broadwalk

    Popular Scene: Kelong Walk, Cliff walk, Sunset walk and last but not least sailing point walk
    Style: Sunset, romantic, fairytale, greenery sun, sand, sea, resorts
    Region: SOUTH EAST
    Address: 1 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397269: Google Map
    Website: www.sportshub.com.sg/Venues/Pages/national-stadium-wedding-photography.aspx
    Photo Credit: Ksana, Tomato.sg, 10 Eyes Gallery, Coffee and Tea and Under the Stars (Left to right).



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