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    From the moment you got pregnant, especially if you are a new parents to be, you will realized endless baby products brands that you can buy. But how do you know which one suits you or your baby most? This is especially so if you are planning to get diaper and milk powder for your baby. You want the best for your baby, you want your baby to avoid any diaper rash and you want to make sure that your baby likes the milk. I mean, they don’t come cheap and it will come to a waste if it doesn’t suits you or your baby. Right?

    And here is why, I have compiled a list of free baby samples you can get such as free diaper sample, free milk sample and not to forget maternal milk samples for pregnant & breast-feeding mothers. Thanks to the diaper and milk marketing team in Singapore, you get to try it out first before deciding which milk and diaper suits your baby best.

    Updated 8 October 2017


    Free Diaper Samples You Can Redeem



    Huggies Sample

    Here, you can sign up on their website to get a sample packs of 3 diapers or diaper pants.
    Huggies Tape diaper sizes to choose from:  Newborn (up to 5kg), Small 3-8kg), Medium (7-11kg) or Large (10-14kg)
    Huggies Pants diaper sizes to choose from: 



    Drypers Sample

    Drypers diaper range to choose from: Wee Wee Dry, Drypantz, Drynights and Drypers Touch.
    Dryper Size to choose from: Newborn (up to 5kg), small (3-7kg), medium(6-11kg), large(9-14kg), extra large(12-17kg) and extra extra large(15-25kg).
    Click here to redeem Drypers diaper sample.




    Merries Sample

    Merries Tape diaper sizes to choose from: New born(up to 5kg), small(4-8kg), medium(6-11kg), large(9-14kg and extra large(12-20kg).
    Merries Pants diaper sizes to choose from: Medium(6-10kg), large(9-14kg) or extra large(12-22kg). Although they comes in XXL size, but they do not provide sample.
    Click here to redeem Merries sample.



    Bosomi Sample & Bebioniq Sample

    You get to choose between Bosomi natural cotton diaper and their new Bebioniq premium diaper.
    Bosomi Tape diaper sizes to choose from: New born(up to 5kg), small(5-8kg), medium(7-11kg), large(10-14kg) and extra large(Over 13kg).
    Bosomi Pants diaper sizes to choose from: Large boys/girls(10-14kg) or extra large boys/girls(Over 13kg).
    Click here
    to redeem Bosomi sample & Bebioniq sample




    Sensi Diaper Sample

    Size you can choose from:
    Sensi Tape diaper sizes to choose from:
     New born (up to 5kg), Small (3-8kg), Medium (8-11kg), Large (9-14kg) and Extra-large (12-17kg)
    Sensi Pants diaper sizes to choose from: Small (3-8kg), Medium (7-12kg), Large (9-14kg) and Extra-large (12-17kg)
    Visit www.diapersdirect.com.sg to learn more.
    You can request a free sample by contacting them at 6100 3427 or email [email protected]





    Mamy Poko Sample & Moony Sample

    Mamy Poko offers 4 types of diaper: Mamy Poko tape diaper, Mamy poko pants extra soft fit M, Moony Air Fit type and also Moonyman Air pants type.
    Tape diaper sizes to choose from: Newborn(Up to 5kg), Small (3-8kg)
    Pants diaper size to choose from: Medium(7-11kg), Large(9-12kg)
    Click here to redeem Mamy Poko sample & Moony sample. If the link doesn’t work, try messaging them through Facebook to request the sample.



    Free Milk Samples


    Karihome Sample

    You can request for a Follow-on formula (7-12 months) or Growing-up Formula (1-3 years)
    Click here to redeem Karihome sample.



    Nestle Samples

    Sign up as a Nestle Baby Club member to request for a weaning bag which consists of Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 2 follow-up formula, CERELAC and GERBER First Foods or Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO HA 2 follow-up formula, CERELAC and GERBER First Foods. You can request from Nan 2 (After 6 months) or Nan Gro 3 (1-2 years old).
    Click here to redeem Nestle samples. Alternative, you can email them or message them through Facebook to request for the samples.




    Similac Samples

    similac sample
    As a Abbott family member, you can request for quite a few milk samples for your baby or kids. Once your baby turns 6 months old, you can get free Similac samples series.
    Abbott samples you can request:
    Similac Gain IQ (1 year onward)
    Similac Gain Q Kid (3 years onward)
    Grow Preschool (3 Years onwards)
    Grow School (6 years onward)
    Similac Total Comfort 3 (1 year onward)
    Pediasure (1-10 years)
    Pediasure Ready to Drink (1-10 years)
    Grow ready to drink (3-12 years)

    Click here to redeem Similac samples.



    Dumex Sample

    Dumex Samples you can request:
    Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 2
    Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 3
    Mamil Gold H.A. PreciNutri Step 2
    Mamil Gold PreciNutri Soy Step 2

    Click here to redeem Dumex sample.



    Friso Sample

    Friso sample you can request:
    Friso Gold 3 (1 year onwards)
    Friso Gold 4 (3 year onwards)
    Friso Gold Rice Cereal (6 months onwards)

    Click here to redeem Friso sample.




    S26 Sample

    S26 sample you can request:
    S26 Promil Gold (6 months-1 year old)
    S26 Progress Gold (1-3 years old)
    S26 Promise Gold (3 years onwards)
    S26 Picky Eater Gold

    Click here to redeem S26 sample.




    Aptamil Sample

    Aptamil was launched last year in 2016 to Singapore. Sign up for AptaAdvantage to receive Aptamil sample with discovery pack.
    Aptamil sample you can request: Each child is entitled to either;
    Aptamil Toddler Gold Stage 3(1-3 years) with discovery pack or
    Junior Gold Stage 4 (3 years above) with discovery pack.
    Click here to redeem Aptamil sample.



    Enfamil sample

    You can request Enfamil sample or Enfagrow sample after register an account with them.
    Click here to redeem Enfamil sample.




    Maternal Milk Sample & Lactation Milk Sample


    Similac Mum Sample

    Register here to get a free sample Maternal Milk for Pregnant & Breast-feeding Mothers




    Anmum Materna & Anmum Lacta Sample

    They have 2 types, one for early pregnancy maternal nutrition and one for lactation mummy, so make sure you request the right sample with them. You can register here.



    Dumex Mamil Mama Sample

    Register here to get their free sample maternal supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.




    Nestle Maternal Nutrition Sample

    Register here to get Nestle mom & me free sample maternal supplement.




    S26 Maternal & Lactating Sample

    Register here to get S26 maternal & lactating supplement sample.

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