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    My-D&C-surgery-procedure-at-Thomson-Medical-CenterIt’s been 2 weeks and my natural miscarriage did not occur since the wait from 2 Mar 2016. Yes, I survive during the physical and mentally torture from the 2 weeks wait and the waiting game is no fun! You can read more here in my previous blog post if you are wondering why I have chosen for natural miscarriage instead of D&C surgery.

    Prior to the 2 weeks wait, I have already made an appointment to see my gynae in preparation for D&C, in case my natural miscarriage failed.

    I don’t want to wait too long for the natural miscarriage to happen as I have read online that some can drag to 1 month or more for it to happen. Moreover, having to deliver a baby which is more than 10 weeks is a lot more traumatizing and painful. I couldn’t imagine delivering the baby and the placenta out as most of them mentioned that it is a lot more painful!



    The day I had my surgery- 16 March 2016

    The day has come and I was nervously praying for the 1% miracle. I was a little hungry and weak since I started fasting last night at 9 pm (I was advice to go fasting 4 hours before the surgery). But that’s alright as I just need to endure the hunger for probably half a day.

    I was alone for my appointment at 9 am (Busy hubby was at work) and I waited close to an hour to see my gynae, Dr Beh Suan Tiong at Thomson Medical Center. I didn’t place a lot of hope because just 3-4 days before the appointment, my nausea symptoms have greatly reduced and I no longer felt as tired.

    Sure enough, my last ultrasound scan shows no heartbeat and the fetus has shrink. I am already prepared to be arranged for the D&C surgery when my eye saw the lifeless fetus on the tv screen again. A little dishearten but not as sad when I first received the news 2 weeks back.

    Dr Beh was very caring and professional. He explained to me about the procedure I have to underwent in the noon. With relieved, he told me that the procedure is suction type, also known as vacuum aspiration which is commonly used to terminate 1st trimester pregnancy; abortion or as a therapeutic procedure after miscarriage.

    I felt less frighten because it means no scraping or scooping is needed using a curette (a spoon shaped instrument)!

    And the procedure itself typically takes less than 15 minutes. Horray!

    What is D&C?
    D&C (Dilation and curettage) is a surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated (expanded) so that the uterine lining (endometrium) can be scraped with a curette to remove part of the lining of the uterus and contents.


    What is suction aspiration?
    Vacuum or suction aspiration uses a long plastic tube connected to a suction device, insert into the uterus to suction out the fetus and placenta. The rate of infection is lower than any other surgical abortion procedure at 0.5%.


    The reason why it was recommended is because it is safer, I’m still in trimester 1, I’m still young and I want to bear a child in the future again.Mistakenly, I don’t have to go for D&C which I thought I need to. The research and forum shared by other mothers had made me terrify for nothing.

    So I made my way out and made the necessary arrangement with the nurse. They arranged the surgery to be done at the day surgery ward, Thomson Medical Center at 1.30pm. The cost is $2,600 which $900 is Medishield claimable for all Singaporean.

    At around 11am, the nurse came to me with 2 pills and a glass of water.  She explained to me that the 2 pills which I have to take orally will help to ripen my cervix and I will start to feel cramp and bleeding in 1-2 hour time. She also handed me a sanitary pad to be wore after taking the pill. Shortly after that, she passed me the admission letter and I made my way down to level 1 counter to register myself for admission.


    “Whoa! My first time admitting to the hospital by myself” I thought and feeling really weird.
    After the registration and $1000 deposit payment, I was told to follow another staff to the day surgery ward.
    At this time, I can start to feel the cramps coming but the pain is bearable, I rate 3/10. I’m not sure about the rest but my pain threshold is quite high.


    Upon arrival at the day surgery ward, I handed the document given to me at the counter to the nurse. She made me felt as ease with a warm smile and greeting, ask about my name, help me put on the hospital name tag on my wrist and show me to my bed. I looked around the room as I follow her to my bed. It was pretty quiet and the lights are quite dimmed which is good for resting. Most of the curtains are drawn up at each bed except mine, pretty relaxing I thought.


    Next, she brief me the whole process, ask me to change into the surgery gown, cap and socks and told me that someone will bring me to the surgery ward when the surgery time is near. Before she left my bed, she also ask me to choose between tuna or egg sandwich which will be given to me after the surgery. The thoughts of food is making me even famished.


    I was told to take a rest as I have 1.5 hours more prior to the surgery timing which means I can take my time to change to the surgery gown.
    After she left, I draw up the curtain for more privacy. I text my husband the surgery ward number and make myself relax on the bed. But shortly after I loosen up abit, I felt the urge to poo!


    WHAO! Am I that relax? OMG…


    My tummy hurts! “Do I really have to do this now?” I thought to myself.
    What happen if my butt hole still smells even after cleaning up my butt hole?
    If I don’t poo now, will I poo while I’m on anaesthetic during the surgery later?


    Okay, don’t laugh can….
    I mean, I feel that it is endurable but what if I poo while I’m being knock out after the anaesthetic?

    I’m not quite sure….
    All sorts of scenarios came to my mind and I wondered why is this happening now!


    After some thoughts… I decided to make myself to the toilet which is like 8 steps away from me, just next to the nurse counter.


    I mean it is better to save myself from an embarrassment for having a smelly and a little trace of poo at the butt hole than pooing during the surgery later on.



    Going to the toilet? The nurse asked.
    “Yes”, and I give back an awkward smile.
    Where else then! I thought!


    Finally, after the job is done. I try my best to clean it with the toilet paper a few times and re-assure myself that it was clean enough by doing the last step- wiping my butt hole with the wet wipes.


    Right, I was in there for too long and just after I zip up my pants, the nurse knock the door and asked me if I’m okay.


    “Yes, I’m alright”. Quickly, I wash my hands, unlock the door and let myself out. I look at her and gave an awkwardly smile to her again and return to my bed to relax.


    Selfie of myself relaxing in my ward.
    D&C bride to mum


    At about 1 pm, I change myself to the surgery gown and wore my cap. Another nurse came in to my ward, check my name and push me to the nearby lift. I have no idea where she’s bringing me, all I can remember was staring at the ceiling as I lie on the bed.


    Next thing I knew was she had push me to another waiting ward and a nurse came and attend to me. She ask if I have any drug allergy, when is my last meal taken and check with me who is my doctor, what’s my name and identification number.


    I waited for about 10 mins when the anesthesia doctor and my doctor, Dr Beh arrived. He explained to me about the procedure again and reassure me that I will be fine.


    Then, I was being push in to the surgery room. You know the 3 big operation light where you have seen in the movies before? Yes, I start to become a little nervous as everything become so serious when I saw the 3 big operation lights and being surrounded by the doctors and nurses. *I totally forget about my poo accident.


    Soon, the anesthesia doctor came to me, hold my left wrist and ask me to do a few clutches to find my veins. The veins appeared soon after that and Ouch! The anesthesia injection is pretty painful! I must say. Subsequently, the nurse help me put on an oxygen mask and I start to wonder if I’m will be black out soon.


    Do I black out by sniffing through the mask or through the injection? I’m confused. Oh dear… why am I still awake? I wondered as I try to sniff more thinking that probably I didn’t sniff enough. I tried and tried and next thing I recall is I’m given another anesthesia on my wrist again. Ouch!… thereafter, the oxygen mask I’ve been sniffing smells differently and next thing is I felt groggy, it happened so fast that I black out after that!



    The surgery took about 15mins, and 30mins later, someone woke me up. I felt groggy still, not knowing where am I and close my eyes back to sleep.


    When I’m fully awake, my body is already back in the ward. The nurse came to me, ask if I’m feeling okay, measure my blood pressure and tell me that the surgery is done and told me that they have wore a loose pad for me as I will be bleeding. Then, she draw up the curtain for me so I can rest more.


    Then, I text my husband that I’m back to the ward.
    D&C anesthesia injection


    So how do I feel after the surgery? I felt at ease, everything is finally over, the physical and mentally pain I have went through. I felt extremely relieved and surprisingly there’s no cramp and any pain at all. It’s not as bad as what I thought it will be. But the hunger is kicking in and I know I shouldn’t be eating anything straight after the surgery, so I waited.


    The room is quiet again though there’s a few conversation but at a minimum sound. 30mins later, the nurse came in to check on me again, asking if I ready to eat.


    “Yes, please” then she placed the tray on my table and I wondered if that was enough for me.


    Here’s my teabreak at 3.15pm. 2 slices of tuna bread and hot milo!
    D&C food after D&C
    Surprisingly, this is quite filling. I took a rest for a while and 15 minutes later, I  went to the toilet to change back to my home clothes and ask the nurse if it’s okay for me to discharge.


    No no dear, you need to rest for 1 more hour and wait for Dr Beh to check on you again. You’re not ready to go yet.
    But I feel really fine, I thought to myself. Having no choice, I went back to my ward and rest.


    My hubby came shortly after that, we chatted and giggle and Dr Beh arrive soon after that. He ask a couple of question and told me to go back 2 weeks later for a review and left.


    Finally, I’m ready to discharge and we make our way out to settle the payment and left.
    I’m so glad that everything turns out fine and I must say that the nurses and doctor at Thomson Medical are really friendly and caring. The service I experience at the registration counter, the nurses at the day surgery ward and the doctors who did the surgery for me are making me really feel at ease.

    Now it’s time I can look forward to go back to work and move on!


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