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Bridemaid dresses Singapore


    Looking for your bridesmaid dresses in Singapore is another headache you need to do and you will come to realized that it is harder than you think since you are choosing and buying the dress for someone else.


    Besides considering the style, body types and your sisters’ preferences, the price is always one of the biggest factor as you are buying for 4, 6, 8 or maybe 10 dresses, so it’s going to cost you another bomb.

    Don’t worry, here’s the 10 places you can shop for your bridesmaid dresses. Be it the price, style, colour or length, you will definitely get something for your bridesmaid.





    1. Taobaotaobao-bridesmaid-dress-singapore
    Website: www.taobao.com
    Price: $10- $60
    Type: All types since we know Taobao carries so many designs and styles
    Size: S to XXL
    Tips: Use Keyword 姐妹团伴娘服. Remember to sign up with Shopback when you cart the item in Taobao for cash rebates.



    2. ASOSasos-bridesmaid-dress-singapore
    Website: www.asos.com
    Price: $50- $200
    Type: Various
    Size: XS- XL (UK Size 6-16)
    Tips: Sign up with Shopback when you shop at ASOS for cash rebates.
    3. DressabelleDressabelle-bridesmaid-dress singapore
    Website: www.dressabelle.com.sg
    Price: Mid Length $36 to Long $42
    Type: Convertible
    Size: S to L (UK 8 – 12)
    4. The BMD Shopbmd shop -bridesmaid-dress-singapore
    Website: thebmdshop.com
    Price: $36 – $55 per pcs
    Type: Convertible, Tube, Toga, Classic
    Size: S to XL (UK 6 – 16)
    5. Occasionoccasion-bridesmaid-dress-singapore
    Website: www.occasion.com.sg
    Price: $38 – $188 per pcs
    Type: Short sleeve, Wide strap, Sleeveless, Spaghetti Strap, Tube, Toga, Halter Neck
    Size: S to XL (UK 6 – 16)



    6. MLBmlb-bridesmaid-dress-singapore

    Website: mlb.sg
    Price: $38 – $45 per pcs
    Type: Convertible Maxi or knee length
    Size: One size, fits up to UK 16




    7. MGP Labelmgp-label-bridesmaid-dress-singapore
    Website: mgplabel.com
    Price: $38 – $43 per pcs
    Type: Convertible, Maxi, Ballerina Tulle Skirt, Toga, Lace, Crochet
    Size: XS to XL




    8. The Velvet Dollsthe-velvet-dolls-bridesmaid-dress-singapore
    Website: www.thevelvetdolls.sg
    Price: $36.90 – $49.90
    Type: Tulle Dress, Off-Shoulder and Maxi Dress
    Size: XS to XXL (UK4 – UK16)



    9. Flauntflaunt-bridesmaid-dress-singapore

    Website: www.flaunt.cc
    Price: $29.90 – $37.90
    Type: Floral, pinic style
    Size: XS to L



    10. Intoxiquetteintoxiquette-bridesmaid-dress-singapore
    Website: www.intoxiquette.com
    Price: $30.90 – $49.00
    Type: Floral, pinic style
    Size: XS to L


    Still having a headache on which dresses to choose for them?

    Share this page and discuss it with the bridesmaid.


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